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The publication features professionals who are transforming the effectiveness of their organizations. Articles focus on the tools and methodologies used to help executives acquire the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in today’s complex, dynamic environment, offering actionable insights that readers can apply to their own organizations.

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Latest Articles

Lynne Levy

Organizational Agility Through Continuous Performance Development

By Lynne Levy – Director, Product Management, Globoforce “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” – Peter Drucker For most organizations, their market is rapidly changing, competition is evolving, and employee populations are becoming increasingly diverse. We have also entered the cognitive age where the line between employees and technology is blurred.  …

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Mistina Picciano

The Demise of Nokia—A Cautionary Tale of Restructuring Gone Wrong

Nokia’s implosion after the breakout success of its mobile phone business offers a cautionary tale of the many problems that often lead to—and result from—corporate reorganization. In fact, restructuring usually puts the business in an even worse position, which leads to additional, equally unsuccessful reorganizations. This article examines the underlying …

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